Jayda G Plots New Album ‘Guy’

It's a highly personal document of Blackness, and fatherhood...

Jayda G will release new album ‘Guy’ on June 9th.

The producer has been on a journey of late, expanding her skillset and embracing fresh challenges. A writer, producer, DJ, environmental toxicologist, campaigner and broadcaster, Jayda G returns this summer with her most personal album yet.

Out on June 9th, ‘Guy’ refers to her late father, William Richard Guy, who died when she was just 10 years old. The expansive palette includes some daring new moves, while also tuning in to the house and disco influences that first inspired her to get back the decks.

But there’s more to it than that. Retrieving old tapes, she uses snippets of her father’s voice, a tender moment. Jayda G explains…

“I wanted the album to be a blend of storytelling, about the African American experience, death, grief, and understanding. It’s about my dad and his story, and naturally in part my story, too, but it’s also about so many people who wanted more for themselves and went on a search to find that. This album is just so much for people who have been oppressed and who have not had easy lives.” 

“I think the biggest thing that really drove me to understand more of his life is that my dad, just a few years before he was diagnosed, had worked so hard on himself. He went back to school to become a social worker, examining himself and his own demons, and really working on himself in the process. And I think it’s just a testament that it’s never too late to look at yourself and try to understand why you are the way you are, and strive to be better. Understanding the Black man’s experience, Black people’s experience in terms of America, and rising above what society tells you you’re supposed to be.”

New single ‘Circle Back Around’ is online now, a direct, moving, engaging insight into where Jayda G will go next.

1. Intro 
2. Blue Lights 
3. Heads Or Tails 
4. Scars 
5. Interlude: I Got Tired Of Running
6. Lonely Back In O 
7. Your Thoughts
8. Interlude: It Was Beautiful
9. Meant To Be 
10. Circle Back Around 
11. When She Dance 
12. Sapphires Of Gold
13. 15 Foot 

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