Featuring "hip-hop and jazz, music contemporary and period"
The Great Gatsby poster

Jay-Z is set to stand in as executive producer of the soundtrack for 'The Great Gatsby'.

One of the truly quintessential American novels, 'The Great Gatsby' has been re-worked for the silver screen on several occasions. However if one director, one film maker can truly capture the work's opulence then it's surely Baz Luhrmann.

The Australian director is working on an adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby' which will star Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character. Much rumoured, a statement yesterday finally confirmed that Jay-Z will indeed oversee the soundtrack.

"Luhrmann and Jay-Z were introduced by Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby), and this led to a two-year collaborative effort," said an official statement. "During this time, Jay-Z worked with Luhrmann and his team to capture, translate and contrast the feelings of Fitzgerald's decadent era with that of our own, using hip-hop and jazz, music contemporary and period, to bring two distinct American moments to simultaneous life."

Baz Luhrmann goes on to explain: "Leonardo and I were lucky enough to be present in a recording session over two years ago as Jay-Z was recording 'No Church in the Wild,' and the collaboration grew from there."

Here's the trailer for 'The Great Gatsby' - which features 'No Church In The Wild'.


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