Adaptation to gain hip hop flavour...

Jay-Z is working on music for the soundtrack of the forthcoming 'The Great Gatsby' adaptation.

The story of a young man who throws opulent parties, 'The Great Gatsby' is almost tailor made for the hip hop experience. Set to come to the silver screen later this year, a forthcoming cinema adaptation is set to be scored by some very familiar faces.

A recent preview contained a clip of Kanye West and Jay-Z's track 'No Church In The Wild' matching the pair's music to some fantastic visuals. Now news has broken that Jay-Z is set to work on the score for the upcoming adaptation.

The Bullitts - real name Jeymes Samuel - tweeted the news on Sunday. "Jay-Z and myself have been working tirelessly on the score for the upcoming #CLASSIC The Great Gatsby! It is too DOPE for words!"

Directed by Baz Lurhmann, 'The Great Gatsby' stars DiCaprio alongside Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. Speaking to MTV News, the director revealed that he had been playing Jay-Z to members of the cast during the shoot. "On my first day he had Jay-Z pumped up full, and we did the entire scene with ... Jay-Z in our ear on full blast while acting," Isla Fisher revealed. "It was just so liberating."

Watch a trailer for 'The Great Gatsby' below.


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