New Material Previewed

US hip hop star Jay-Z has previewed a song during a surprise appearance alongside Kanye West - and the new material appears to take a swipe at Oasis' Noel Gallagher.

Kanye West was performing the second night of his Madison Square Garden stint, part of his Glow In The Dark tour, when Jay-Z emerged onstage to a rapturous welcome from the crowd.

Jay-Z then performed a new song, containing the lines: "That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar/Somebody should have told him I'm a fuckin' rock star". The rapper went onto to mock Gallagher's "Wonderwall" by singing "today is gonna be the day that I'm gonna throw it back to you".

Noel Gallagher claimed in an interview that hip hop had no place at Glastonbury, a remark which was seized upon by the press and became one of the summer's most controversial soundbites.

The row helped spur on lackluster Glastonbury ticket sales, as well as helping shift plenty of copies of Oasis and Jay-Z albums. Ironically, Jay-Z's diss will see Oasis become hot musical news in the States for the first time in years.

Kanye West revealed at the same gig that he will be producing Jay-Z's new album. The new album will be called "Blueprint 3" and has not been given a release date.