Japanese Breakfast Details Crying In H Mart Memoir

It's out in April...

Japanese Breakfast has shared details of her new book Crying In H Mart.

The songwriter – real name Michelle Zauner – confirmed plans for the book last year, and has been working steadily with publishers Knopf ever since.

Out in April, Crying In H Mart picks up from the themes prevalent in her 2018 essay for the New Yorker, a beautiful piece of writing that went viral.

In a statement, she says:

My mother passed away almost six years ago and ever since, my life has felt folded in half, divided into a before and after her death, my identity and my family having been fractured in the wake of her loss.

I’ve spent the past six years processing grief in the best way I knew how-through creative work. I wrote two albums worth of material in an attempt to encapsulate all of that heavy darkness, confusion and loneliness, and then I spent another three years writing pages and pages to try and capture my mother’s brilliant character and spirit, what it was like to be raised by a Korean immigrant in a small west coast town with very little diversity, the intense shame I felt towards my mixed race identity and how my embrace of Korean food and culture helped me come to terms with that upbringing, allowed me to reconnect with her memory.

As an artist, Japanese Breakfast is known for her frank honest, and the way her emotional intent intertwines with inventive word play – we're excited to see how this one ends up.

Here's the confirmation.

Japanese Breakfast's most recent album 'Soft Sounds From Another Planet' was released in 2017.

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