Jamiroquai Share ‘Making Of’ Footage From Iconic ‘Virtual Insanity’ Video

Behind the scenes on the shoot...

Jamiroquai were one of the most successful British groups of their – or any other – era. Emerging from the Acid Jazz movement, the group took crate-digging club sounds into the charts, scoring huge international acclaim.

This year, fans have been able to look back on some golden moments. The 25th anniversary edition of ‘Travelling Without Moving’ – the best selling funk album of all time, fact fans – landed at the start of 2022, followed by the roll-out of a stellar vinyl re-issue programme.

‘Emergency On Planet Earth’ followed on October 14th, alongside ‘A Funky Odyssey’, and ‘Dynamite’.

The latest is a multiple format re-issue of ‘High Times’, a sequence that has dredged up a huge amount of happy memories for fans. The new package is available in deluxe vinyl format, with our reviewer Gareth James praising the sound quality, and the informative packaging.

Check out a preview image below.

Jamiroquai Share ‘Making Of’ Footage From Iconic ‘Virtual Insanity’ Video

In addition to this, we’re able to share something new and unseen, dipping into the history books for a fresh take on an iconic Jamiroquai moment.

1996 single ‘Virtual Insanity’ stands as one of the band’s anthems, its liquid funk sound adorned with a stellar Jay Kay video. Imperiously smooth, ‘Virtual Insanity’ was bonded to one of the decade’s defining videos, packed with neat tricks and subtlety.

Obviously, Jay Kay – the Cat in the Hat himself – is achingly cool, but it’s the simplicity that wins out. The singer dances amid a rolling cavalcade of objects, his improvisatory cool allowing him to find a path through this evolving corridor.

Newly unearthed ‘making of’ footage shows a few tricks from the shoot, and reveals how one of the defining music videos of the 90s came into being.

Airing for the first time through Clash, you can check it out below – then find the original video after the jump.

And here’s the original in all its glory.

‘High Times’ is out now.

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