African influence "becoming more visible."
Jamie xx

Jamie xx has revealed that he is working on new material with an African influence.

Jamie xx has no plans to slow down. The xx might be preparing for those epic Night + Day events but the producer is steaming ahead, continuing to plough his own furrow. Set to take part in the Young Turks showcase at WMC, the producer spoke to those talented, good looking folks at FACT about his current projects.

"In terms of my own production work I'm working with a few pop artists... that I can't name yet, and I'm thinking it'll form an EP, but I can't really call it until it's nearly finished for me," he said. Aside from production work, Jamie xx wants to play out a lot more. "I'm also getting ready to get back on the DJ circuit more what with all the summer festivals, so I'm working out how to go about that visually as well to keep it interesting."

As for particular influences, the producer named African music as a huge source of inspiration. "(I've been) picking up old records and a lot of African music. I've been enjoying the melodies and how different the song structuring process is, and especially how danceable it is. I was speaking to Kieran Hebden a while ago and he was recommending me a lot of records in that vein..."

"I feel like I've been absorbing a lot of that production wise. All the records that I collect work their way into the music that I make in some way or another, but I think in terms of the African influence it's becoming more visible."

Check out Jamie xx in Boiler Room below.


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