Featuring new material and cover versions...
Jamie T

Jamie T completed one of 2014's most enriching comebacks, with new album 'Carry On The Grudge' winning huge praise.

Selling out two nights at Alexandra Palace, the singer is now set to open 2015 with yet more new material.

Upcoming EP 'Magnolia Melancholia' is due to be released on April 6th, with lead track 'Don't You Find' online now.

Alongside this, fans will find new songs 'Magnolia Melancholia', 'Marilyn Monroe' and 'Riverbed'. As if that wasn't enough, the EP also includes recordings of 'Mama Don't Smoke' by big-in-the-90s group Bran Van 3000 and a poignant version of The Replacements classic anthem 'Bastards of Young'.

Check out 'Don't You Find' below.

''Magnolia Melancholia' is due to be released on April 6th.

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