Exclusive: Illustrator speaks to ClashMusic

Gorillaz illustrator Jamie Hewlett has spoken to ClashMusic about his work with the cartoon collective.

A stunning combination of music and visuals, Gorillaz can lay down a good claim to be one of the 21st century's most inventive pop outfits. Returning with 'Plastic Beach' last year, rumours began circulating that the band were set to take a break.

Songwriter Damon Albarn was said to be exhausted, finding the energy to complete recent free download album 'The Fall'. For illustrator Jamie Hewlett, though, the case was somewhat different - after almost a decade, he was said to be tired of the characters.

"Well I didn’t actually say I was bored of drawing the characters, I was misquoted. I was asked that question when we’d just finished doing ‘Demon Days’ and what I said was I was tired, that I needed a break from it" he explained.

"I’m never bored of those characters, I love those characters but I think that album took us four years and when you get to the end of it and you’ve produced this large body of work you do tend to think ‘yeah, I need a bit of a break’ so I said I was tired, not bored" argued the illustrator.

"But getting fans involved, well we have a lot of really smart fans, you read some of the correspondence from them and there’s some really intelligent kids out there sending in some great ideas so it was good to get them involved in something and see what they come up with."

Continuing, Jamie Hewlett described the thought process behind the decision not to make a video for a recent single, merely publishing a storyboard. "The storyboard was done for the third video and completed and I’d put together a team of animators and literally on the day we were going to start animating the final video we found out the budgets we had asked for had been refused" he said.

"Therefore we weren’t going to get the money to make the video and then maybe we were and maybe we weren’t and many discussions were had and basically the record company couldn’t afford to pay for another one of my videos because they’re all quite expensive".

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