Jamie Beale’s ‘Cherry Cola’ Is A Song Of Farewell

It's a bittersweet hymn...

Jamie Beale has shared new song ‘Cherry Cola’.

The rising artist’s new acoustic EP ‘Goodbye Terra’ is out now, a song cycle dominated by honesty. Jamie Beale writes from the heart, blending his experiences and observations with slices of breezy, summer-fresh melody.

Alongside the EP he’s shot a trilogy of session videos, with Jamie Beale stripping his songs down to the core. The final of these has just gone live, and it boasts an affecting take on his fan favourite track ‘Cherry Cola’.

Wistful yet also raw, the searching vocal has a gentle ache, with Jamie Beale recalling a breakup. He comments…

“I wrote ‘Cherry Cola’ as a reflection of a moment in time that I found myself in during a breakup. The song explores the idea of how egos can get in the way of human connection, during this period of time, I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place in the sense of knowing I was involved in a fairly unhealthy relationship, but still having a strong emotional attachment to the other person, even if you know that they don’t have your best intentions at heart.

I guess for me, I was making sense of the situation within this song, and with that came the clarity needed to walk away. Even though the song is relatively sad, the message behind it is that it’s okay to just accept the situation for what it is, and to try and see it as neither good or bad, but instead as something that just wasn’t right for either individual.”

Tune in now.

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