Mo'wax founder to steer Southbank event
James Lavelle

Mo'wax founder James Lavelle is set to curate next year's edition of Meltdown.

Located in London's Southbank Centre, Meltdown has gathered a reputation for securing very special performances. Installing a guest artist as curator, previous instalments have contained contributions from Morrissey, Massive Attack, Yoko Ono and more.

Returning in 2014, next year's edition of Meltdown will be curated by Mo'wax founder James Lavelle. With the label toasting its 21st birthday, Lavelle will oversee a series of events at the Southbank centre.

"I am deeply honoured to have been asked to curate Meltdown 2014" he commented in a statement. "I intend to create a vibrant and exciting collage of counter-culture and collaboration from the worlds of music, film, art and everything in between. I want to bring together my influences from the past, the present and my work as an artist in contemporary society as well as transforming the space in a way that's never been done before, both artistically and musically. In curating Meltdown I have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of young artists in the same way that I was inspired as a teenager. Together we will push boundaries, shoot for the moon and create something that people will never forget."

Jude Kelly, Artistic director at Southbank Centre, said: "As an artist, James Lavelle has built a phenomenal reputation for innovation, experimentation and collaboration. The defining voice of Club Culture, his Meltdown will be an amazing celebration of everything he has done and still dreams of doing."

Massive Attack's 3D added his voice to the choir: "James kept me up during the 90s... and by that I mean no sleep! He is a brilliant dictator... I mean curator, his label Mo’Wax and the UNKLE project are a great testament to that. Meltdown next year will be a blast!"

Meltdown 2014 runs between June 13th - 22nd.

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