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James Holden

James Holden has outlined plans to release his second album 'The Inheritors' this summer.

A lynchpin of Border Community, James Holden has developed into singular voice in electronic music. Responsible for a myriad of remixes and one off releases, to date the producer has just a solitary studio album next to his name.

Of course, it helps that said LP is the deeply influential, completely idiosyncratic 'The Idiots Are Winning'. Released back in 2006, James Holden is now ready to deliver a follow up.

'The Inheritors' will be released through Border Community on June 17th, with lead cut 'Gone Feral' available to stream now.

Set to be pressed to wax on April 8th, 'Gone Feral' is an ambitious, expansive piece of techno. With a name like that it was never going to shy away, but what surprises isn't the means of delivery but the nature of the ideas themselves.

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'The Inheritors' is set to be released on June 17th.