A tender, piano-led, modern classical piece...
James Heather

James Heather tends to work at night, when the long London commute deposits him at his front door.

It's a chance to unwind but also to process, a chance to escape but also to confront the events of the past few days and hours.

New release ‘Modulations: EP 1’ emerges from these twilight wanderings, a selection of solo piano vignettes that travel similar footsteps to Nils Frahm or Olafur Arnalds.

Out shortly, Clash is able to preview the EP by unveiling delicate new cut 'And She Came Home'.

The circular, ever-revolving piano line never quite resolves itself, giving rise to this feeling of a journey incomplete, or even a departure.

James tells Clash that the track is "is an expression of the feeling of missing a loved one and hoping they come home safely and equally the knowledge that some people are gone forever and the need to hang on to memories of good times. Life can be fragile, so in those calm moments in safe places, united with those closest to you, every moment is there to be cherished."

"It’s taken from my debut 'Modulations EP: 1' and shows a lighter side to the EP. It’s malicious relative is the track 'Bad Role Model', ideally that track is played right before!"

Tune in below.

‘Modulations: EP 1’ is set to be released on June 9th through Ahead Of Our Time.

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