James Blake Discusses The xx Influence

"It’s made it a lot easier for me"

James Blake has revealed that he has found inspiration in the success of The xx.

Post-dubstep. Bit of a bizarre term, in all honesty, but a new wave of producers are dragging bass music in new directions. James Blake has released some of the most striking music under that bracket, with his forthcoming album surrounded by hype.

Speaking to ClashMusic, James Blake openly discussed his influences. Asked about contemporaries, the producer surprisingly counted The xx as a massive inspiration after the success of their debut album.

“Well, I would always have said that The xx are an electronic indie band. The way Jamie xx does things is totally electronic” he explained. “Now that he does that live it’s different, but the way that he produced their album was totally in an electronic way. It’s a DIY production just like Mount Kimbie and just like me. But they did it first.”

Continuing, James Blake argued that The xx made it ‘easier’ for him to release new music. “I can’t say that I was inspired to write my album because of The xx, but what I can say is that they’ve made it a lot easier for me” he said.

“They’ve kind of warmed the seat, in the way that when people listen to sparse electronic music, they are gonna be a lot less shocked by it now that The xx have released an amazing album. It’s made it a lot easier for me.”

Thinking for a moment, the producer mused on the band’s striking live show. “Actually some of The xx’s stuff did inspire me – some of the live stuff – I was inspired by Jamie, and by the two singers, who have an amazing stage presence. The whole boy and girl thing they have going on is great to see.”

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