Precocious alt-pop that comes from a personal space...

Jalle is a real one-off.

The songwriter whose work and his life are neatly intertwined, his music comes from a deeply personal space.

For a while there, the Nottingham artist looked to drift out of bounds, but by using music as his focal point he's been able to push ahead, to realise fresh goals.

A full EP is now online, and it features contributions from alt-pop aesthete Oscar Scheller and production team The Nocturns, amongst others.

Clash introduced Jalle earlier in the year, and we're delighted to give him space to break down the EP in full...

- - -

Pick Me Up

This song is about a past lover - we tried to fix ourselves for each other as we were both in a dark place and ultimately made things worse by trying to be together.

This song was almost my apology for not being ready to fall in love. I wrote this song with the Nocturns and Joe Knight - Joe is one of my mates from school who I hadn’t seen in at least three or four years, but we instantly had chemistry and found it easy to bounce ideas off each other.

We recorded vocals for this track in the Nocturns kitchen studio and I recorded a few myself at home on Zoom.

- - -


This song is about messaging someone that you know you shouldn’t, doing it anyway and then regretting it later. Over lockdown I felt really lonely and I got a little intoxicated and ended up messaging a past lover I know I shouldn't have messaged, talking about all the things I had been doing since she left my life and I had tried to move on.

I wrote this song on Zoom with Oscar Scheller during lockdown - I’d only ever met Oscar on Zoom at that point, and we literally just clicked and vibed out the song over two days online.

- - -


This song is about being young and screwing up, and making mistakes after having too many drinks on a mad night out when you lose control.

Often they are small things you can laugh at later but sometimes they are bigger mistakes that we regret. It's about those mistakes, and the strains they put on relationships afterwards.

This song was actually my first session back in the studio after lockdown. I worked with Andy Hall Hall and we originally only wrote the first verse, but had to come back later to finish it off.

- - -

Someone I Could’ve Been Part Of

This is about my father, someone I should’ve had a relationship with but because of time and circumstance I couldn’t. I never got to meet him, I never knew what he looked like and I should’ve had a relationship with him. Losing him lost a part of me that I can’t ever know but ultimately made me who I am.

I started this song with Mike Kintish and then finished the verses with the Nocturns during lockdown over Zoom - I recorded the verse for this song in my bedroom and the rest of the song in Mike's studio before lockdown!

- - -

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