Jack Kane’s ‘Something More’ Is Driven By Ambition

Check it out now...

Jack Kane has shared his new song ‘Something More’.

The London songwriter illuminated his talent with recent single ‘Underdog’, a blast of indie rock that tied itself to widescreen landscapes. Moving with alacrity, Jack Kane has sculpted a follow-up, which he’s ready to share with fans.

‘Something More’ contains aspect of Springsteen’s 80s output, that epic feel tied to a synthetic shimmer. Beneath the glistening electronics lies a beating heart, however, with Jack Kane’s urgent vocal aimed at a direct form of communication.

The song deals with our modern state of FOMO, and how we can learn to be more content with our lives. He may be yearning for “a castle in Galloway” but deep down, Jack Kane just wants to find happiness – and it’s all about recognising where contentment lies.

Produced by King Ed (Dylan, Years & Years) and co-written with Martin Luke Brown, it’s a surging piece of undeniable musicality.

In Jack’s own words, “this song is about always wanting more, filling voids and trying to find quick fixes to deeper problems. We are constantly exposed to greener grass and I think it’s harder than ever not to slip into an ungrateful mindset, so this song is from that perspective.”

We’ve got first play of the visualiser – tune in now.

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