Soft on the surface, but deadly underneath...

Izzy Camina calls it like it is.

She's from New Jersey, a place where the residents are renowned for calling a spade a spade, and found East London a strange place to transition into.

One of the things Izzy noticed most of all, though, was the capital's proliferation of 'softboys' - literate, performative woke types, who insist they're not like other guys.

Except they are. And they're worse. So, 'Kill Your Local Indie Softboy' is a non-affectionate ode to this type of person, and while it's soft on the surface it's deadly underneath.

She comments...

“I wrote this song in Spring 2017 as a joke, obviously. In New Jersey where I'm from, guys like to vape and go to car meets, or maybe they watch Joe Rogan and go to sports bars. Either way; plucky, bright-eyed, and very single me was not prepared for this new phenomenon of softboyism I would shortly encounter upon moving to East London.”

“Alarmed by their numbers, I realised that this alluring faction would probably end up occupying a great deal of my headspace. I was right, and the resulting fallout is tenderly embodied by this fond ode... A heartfelt dedication.”

Tune in now.

'Nihilist In The Club' EP is out in March.

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