It's a sonorous, spacious piece of synth pop...

Words can mean anything you want them to mean.

Sometimes the simplest phrase can be twisted on its head, each musical note transferred to a different emotional key.

Italian artist HÅN is a subtle shape-shifter, someone who can leap from meaning to meaning.

Her second EP is incoming, a work of sonorous, spacious synth pop, both future-facing in tone and explicitly personal.

New cut 'gymnasion' leads the way, and it's typical of her multi-lingual word play - it's the original Greek root of the English 'gymnasium' and also the Italian 'ginnasio', a word for the first two years of High School in Italy.

A word redolent of performance, learning, and being put on the spot, the lyrics delight in shifting between these facets of meaning.

"I studied a lot of Latin in high school, where we used to translate Latin compositions and texts as well as study mythology and epic poems, it's part of our culture to study them," HÅN says. "Calling this song 'gymnasion' was a reference both to the place where I met the person in the song and to that period of my life together with the universe of little things I associate it with. Plus it's a cool word, it means different things and I like words with different meanings. "

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Chiara Zanotti

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