Is Big Boi Set To Work With Kate Bush?

Rapper posts excited Tweet...

A posting from Big Boi has led to speculation that he is set to work with Kate Bush.

Essentially, it’s all about supply and demand. Decrease the supply, and logically demand will increase.

Kate Bush almost never performs live, rarely releases new material and scarcely collaborates with other artists. Hell, the iconic English artist even turned down the Olympics, refusing to appear in the closing ceremony.

However it seems that Kate Bush found Big Boi to be a rather more intriguing proposition. The rapper is an enormous fan of the singer, and has been attempting to make contact for some time.

Last night he Tweeted: “Just Got off the Phone with Kate Bush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Naturally fans leaped to the conclusion that a collaboration was on the cards, something compounded by the next Tweet: “Stay Tuned….. ooooowwww !”

More on that as it is confirmed.

Meanwhile, a newly remixed version of ‘Running Up That Hill’ has been made available. Commissioned for the closing ceremony of the Olympics, the track is available to download now.

Issuing a short statement, Kate Bush had the following to say about the release: “I hope you all enjoyed the remix of Running Up That Hill this evening at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. They certainly put on a brilliant show.”

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