ION Aims For Escapism With ‘iamvessel’

"A picture of hypnotic reality..."

ION has shared his new single ‘iamvessel’.

The London-based songwriter actually spent a greater portion of his childhood in the Kosovan highlands, and those landscapes remain an integral part of his imagination. Having spent his younger years immersed in his own dream-world, ION’s work as a songwriter echoes this, but on a grander form.

Citing HOMESHAKE as a key influence, ION expands his vision on this new song. Out now, ‘iamvessel’ was prompted by the work of Irish folk artist Mary O’Hara, but as usual the songwriter twists it into his own inimitable shape.

Exploring themes of insanity and spiritual preservation, ION takes the listener to the limit – and then goes beyond, on a bravura performance.

He comments…

My intention with ‘iamvessel’ was to encapsulate the intoxicating feeling of escapism, portraying the experience of running away to ‘our own little sanctuary’ as a means of coping with the circumstances of the world that we find ourselves in.

My interpretation of this concept paints a picture of hypnotic reality created by the figment of our imagination. Using ambient synthesis combined with lullabying delivery to build this whimsical depiction of the dreamlike state that offers us escape from the real world.

Tune in now.

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