Introducing… Yehan Jehan

Hazy, woozy, and highly inventive...

Yehan Jehan was born in North London to Bosnian parents, surrounded by different languages, different cultures from a young age.

Gradually finding his own voice, the rising songwriter pilfers from hip-hop, 60s and 70s psych, and oddball library sounds, meshed into one imaginative whole.

Debut cut 'Swallow The Horizon' is online now, and it's a salute to the regenerative powers of the universe, to the sun goddesses of ancient (and modern) belief.

Yehan explains: “These female characters hold a higher power than me or any man. They’re guiding forces. I’m all up for that, to show that it’s balancing out, it’s changing. The world has been so male dominated and I’m up for it being the opposite. Female energy is more healing for the world, it’s male energy that’s created so much evil in the world.”

Check it out now.

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