Relentless East Texan trio...

Texas isn't called the Lone Star State for nothing, y'know.

Simply put: Texans have a habit of doing whatever the hell they like, whenever the hell they want to do it.

Yet there's a deeply conservative bent to the area, one that riotous trio Purple seem to do their best to usurp.

"There’s a lot of really mean Christians and Mormons and cows" explains drummer/singer Hanna Brewer, "and the only rock ‘n roll music that people seem to like is Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s very Southern, man."

"Racism is big. Even in school amongst the teachers the attitude was: ‘if it ain’t white, it ain’t right’. Seriously. It’s messed up! And when I challenged them they would just say ‘Shut up you little hippy’. So I was the kid who everyone’s parents told them to avoid. I smoked weed but it might as well have been crack the way I was treated..."

New cut 'Wallflower' has made its way online, and it's a nigh on perfect distillation of their party-hard-and-to-hell-with-the-consequences attitude.

All barbed wire riffs, stuttering percussion and yelping vocals, Hanna Brewer seems to add a debauched spirit to the legacy of Riot Grrrl.

Check it out below.

Find Purple online HERE.

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