A new project from some very familiar faces...
Out Lines

It's always nice when good people create wonderful art together.

That much is a given, a general truism. So when The Twilight Sad's James Graham, SAY Award-winning quine Kathryn Joseph, and producer Marcus Mackay went into the studio Clash could be forgiven for getting a little excited.

New collaborative project Out Lines brings the three together, with new album 'Conflats' set to emerge on October 27th via Rock Action.

Brooding new track 'Buried Guns' is online now, and that wheezing, droning accordion feels as though it were hewn from Scottish granite.

Kathryn Joseph's voice intermingles with James Graham's delivery, the track build into something quietly intense, unexpectedly epic.

It's something that takes a little time to drift under your skin, but when it does the impact is devastating.

Check it out now.

'Conflats' tracklisting:

1. Buried Guns
2. Our Beloved Dead
3. The Left Behind
4. There Is a Saved Place
5. If You Love Me Will You Lie
6. Open Shut
7. These Three Desire Lines

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