Lights On Moscow
A new project featuring Justin Lockey and Hazel Wilde...

Lights On Moscow is a project that grew out of two musical neighbours.

Justin Lockey - who has worked with Editors, Minor Victories, and most recently Mastersystem - lived only a few streets away from Hazel Wilde, whose experience with Lanterns On The Lake made her instantly recognisable.

Becoming friends, they always meant to knuckle down and make music with each other, yet conflicting schedules - and real life, of course - kept them apart.

Suddenly, it clicked into place. A few writing sessions led to more, with new two-piece project Lights On Moscow developing out of these initial scratchings.

"It’s strange how the timing of something can make a difference. We always knew it was something we’d come back to. And now we have,” says Wilde of the project.

The pair's debut EP arrives on October 19th, with Clash able to share remarkable new song 'Like Lovers Often Will'.

Opening in pastoral, almost ambient climes, it suddenly clicks into gear, becoming something rather more feral, wild, and untamed.

Operating entirely under its own rules, 'Like Lovers Often Will' is a beautiful meeting of two distinct artists, resulting in something quite unexpected.

Tune in now.

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