Otherworldly Norwegian scenes...
Gold Celeste

Gold Celeste met while studying at an arts and music college in Trondheim, a Norwegian city with an incredible creative community.

Left to their own devices, the trio have concocted an otherworldly sound which flits between Tame Impala's modern psych vision, Brian Wilson's pure pop and even the explorations of Animal Collective.

Debut album 'The Glow' arrives on September 11th, with new cut 'Open Your Eyes' leading the way. Fragrantly beautiful, it borders on the more ethereal edge of shoegaze as it flirts and floats out of the speakers.

Singer and bassist Simen Hallset describes the track: "We're all sharing the experience of life. If you can't picture a world filled with a diversity of societies and cultures getting along, you've got to open your eyes and expose the obstacles in our way for what they truly are. Human nature they are not. To quote the song's refrain 'This is just a friendly wake-up call. I'd rather see you dance than trip and fall".

Check it out now.

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