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Bonzai is the Japanese art of growing small plants or trees.

It's also the name chosen by a 19 year old newcomer, someone whose own art is just as delicate, just as perfectly formed as those plants.

Drawn into the orbit of Mura Masa, Bonzai's new EP 'Sleep Hungry' is a soulful, engrossing, and expansive return.

Out now, Mura Masa comments:

“It’s tough for the US guys to really get the nuances of UK electronic music and it’s equally uncomfortable when UK artists try to compete with Beyoncé or Kendrick. With Bonzai being dual nationality American/Irish and having grown up with DnB as much as RnB, it really feels like she can bring genres together in a natural way. She never has a bad session as she’s got so many tools to choose from as a writer and she’s fearless”.

New cut 'No Rest' is online now - check it out now.

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