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Astrid Gnosis

Astrid Gnosis began making music when she was 13 years old.

At first, these were tender, uncertain explorations, but as she gathered confidence Astrid tackled huge, complex projects.

Crafting sonic installations for exhibitions and art performances, she has also attempted to fuse these ideas with more standardised songwriting.

“Music alone is a vessel, it diplomatically drives consciousness into reflection. Words seemed to limit this journey,” she explains. “But increasingly I felt the urge to narrow my language, and incorporate more violence into music because for me it is vital to speak of the anger and hopes of my generation, and it is now we’re most angry.”

New EP 'Agnosis' arrives on February 24th - pre-order LINK - and it's a genuinely fascinating document of electronic exploration.

The title cut is online now, and it's indicative of an EP the composer describes as "explicit and romantic, like a ruin."

Tune in now.

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