"We just like to dress nice for the ladies"

Smartly dressed New York group Interpol have spoken to ClashMusic about their love of fashion.

Interpol's epic gloom has seen them release three critically acclaimed albums. Matching spiky post-punk guitars with an ethereal sense of dis-location from city life, the band's downbeat attitude has been matched with a love of fashion.

Famously dapper bass player Carlos D left earlier this year, but the remaining members are still clad in designer suits. A modern day Rat Pack, Interpol are preparing to release their fourth album later this year.

Speaking to ClashMusic, singer Paul Banks outlined his views on where music and fashion intersect. "You’ve got wear clothes, so you may as well enjoy what you’re doing and find clothes that suit you. Fashion is a nice way to communicate things in an artful way" the frontman explained.

"Image is important to us simply because I don’t think we would leave a facet of our work unattended, so to not have some sort construct in the visual realm would be strange. If bands are trying to be slouchy or non-fashionable then that in itself a fashion statement."

"I think if it works for what a band is trying to say for them to wear shorts and fucked up t-shirts like Pavement for example, then that’s just as much as a fashion statement as to wear suits. So there’s always artifice to the public façade of a band and I guess we just like to dress nice for the ladies" he joked.

"It’s more like a uniform for us. It started for me simply by the fact that when the band began I had a job that I hated and I remember going from work to a gig and thinking that this gig is what means something to me so I’m going to make myself presentable."

Interpol are set to unleash their self-titled fourth album later this year, before completing a lengthy North American tour. With each band member dressed in a smart, tailored suit the band can be an imposing visual experience.

"We’ve all probably been independently interested in fashion. But I don’t read fashion magazines, I’m more interested in how people dress and how they have fun with it" the singer explained.

"I’m not a label snob or anything and I never care about what a trend is at any given moment, I just see what I like on other people and appreciate style."

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