INJI’s ‘UNTZ UNTZ’ Is A Phenomenon

An undeniable full-on house banger...

INJI has shared her latest viral phenomenon, the appropriately titled ‘UNTZ UNTZ’.

The producer was born and raised in Turkey, before relocating to the States for university. Making tunes in her bedroom, INJI innocently uploaded her song ‘GASLIGHT’ to TikTok – and bedlam quickly ensued.

An artist with that golden touch, she is just about finished her debut EP ‘LFG’, and a new thumper has just made its way online.

New single ‘UNTZ UNTZ’ is a subtlety-free zone, with INJI playing it for kicks. A full-on house tune that cross references the Chainsmokes and Mau P, the producer ramps up the fun and dials down the niceties to encapsulate the sheer physical thrill of cub culture.

Already sweeping across social media, ‘UNTZ UNTZ’ is in line to become a bona fide summer smash. INJU comments…

“‘UNTZ UNTZ’ is that song you’re going to hear at every club for the next six months until you’re absolutely sick of it (I hope). The Chainsmoker’s ‘#SELFIE’ and Mau P’s ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ had a baby, and it’s INJI’s ‘UNTZ UNTZ’. It’s a deep, full, banging house track (like it’s father) with catchy lyrics that everyone will be singing to (got that from its mother). It’s hilarious, relatable, extremely danceable and will quickly become a crowd and DJ favourite. Also, it’ll be nice to have a 5’4 Turkish girl’s song dominate club music for a change.”

Tune in now.

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