Infinity Song Share ‘Metamorphosis Complete’

Abraham, Angel, Israel, and Momo Boyd close the 'Metamorphosis' chapter...

New York sibling band Infinity Song have released their album ‘Metamorphosis Complete’ today via Roc Nation, coinciding with Black History Month.

Building on the premise and foundations set on their ‘Metamorphosis‘ project released in 2023, the new version contains six new songs in addition to the six carried over from the previous iteration, including the band’s two mega viral original singles, ‘Hater’s Anthem’ and ‘Slow Burn’. ‘Metamorphosis Complete’ circles the core themes of growth and evolution; ‘More Beautiful’, spearheaded by Angel Boyd, serves as a “sister song” to hit ‘Slow Burn’, while focus track ‘Comedy’ is an open, introspective moment. Finally, album closer ‘Sunshine’ places a full stop on the era, honouring their soft rock experiments whilst signalling to the future.

Of the new album, the band say: “The other iteration of ‘Metamorphosis’ was an attempt at self-validation in the sense that we were trying to prove to ourselves that we belonged as a band. On this next iteration of songs, that is not something we were trying to prove to ourselves. We were just trying to enjoy ourselves, and are very confident that people will love it. We believe that we did that … we went into the studio confidently this time around.”

Photo Credit: John N. Adams III 

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