I’MMORTAL Visits Dracula’s Castle With Her Latest Release, ‘Supervillain’

The Californian riser drops her self-produced sophomore single...

I’MMORTAL is bouncing back with her brand new single, ’Supervillain’.

A truly outrageous offering from the Californian vocalist, the track channels a sassy, high-octane energy. Re-imaging Bach’s ’Toccata and Fugue in D minor’ through a razor-sharp techno production, I’MMORTAL approaches her lyrics with a playful, fantastical twist. In turn, ‘Supervillain’ is in equal parts grandiose and punchy, echoing the influence of pop game-changers like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga. SOPHIE and Sevdaliza.

Growing up amongst orchestras as she learnt to play the violin, I’MMORTAL carries her skills in composition over to her latest material. Pairing rich, elevated samples with her slinky, ear-worm hooks, the artist has amassed a wealth of streams since making her debut with the slick ‘Versace Spaceship’.  Visually, the riser infuses her videos and artwork with psychedelic hues, tapping into psi-fi and cyber-themed aesthetics. As she constructs an other-worldly space for her music to reside, I’MMORTAL carves her own, distinctive lane.

Speaking on ‘Supervillain’, I’MMORTAL shares:

’Supervillain’ is a campy electro-pop song I wrote with the intention of reflecting a people-pleaser’s fantasy of being the villain. I wanted the lyrics to be simple, cheeky, and relatable to those who feel like they have been nice and compromising for too long.”

Drawing her focus towards her production, she continues, “I wanted listeners to feel like they are at a rave in Dracula’s castle. Thus, I sampled the notes from Bach’s classic Toccata and Fugue in d minor (Dracula’s song), but changed the articulation of the notes and also added some grace notes to better fit my track. As a producer, there was something very satisfying to me about placing a gliding, gritty, and electronic bassline underneath a string arrangement sampled from a piece written in the 1700s by Bach.”

Tune in now.

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