"I started fantasising about making freestyle house..."

Ikonika is set to release her new album 'Aerotropolis' through Hyperdub later this year.

Widely regarded as one of the finest DJs around, Ikonika's lifestyle takes her from country to country, continent to continent. It's glamorous - there's no denying that - but the continual stampede through airports, hotels has left it's mark on her imagination.

Stockpiling new material, the producer found herself succumbing more and more to the airless fantasies of vintage 80s sci-fi. Focussing her efforts, new album 'Aerotropolis' is set to be released through Hyperdub this summer.

"The word ‘Aerotropolis' comes from being a DJ living in one. I'm haunted and infatuated by it" she mused recently. "Watching ‘Gattaca’ for the first time, I found myself relating to Vincent Freeman's ambition of reaching space and travelling somewhere better, getting high. I'm constantly watching planes take off and twitching that I didn't get a booking this weekend, needing to play out."

Continuing, Ikonika outlined her fantasy of 'freestyle house'. "This new album plays on an inspiration I wished I had focused on more growing up" she explained. "I started fantasising about making freestyle house and early pop wishing I was a little older at that time so I could actually have made this music."

"I thought about how video games consoles were being championed at the time when a lot more music machines were being made. That connection led me to use sounds from older drum machines and synths, balancing old school and modern techniques."

Ikonika is set to release her new album 'Aerotropolis' on July 29th. Tracklisting:

1. Mise En Place
2. Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) feat Jessy Lanza
3. Mr Cake
4. Practice Beats
5. Eternal Mode
6. Completion V3
7. Manchego
8. Let a smile be (y)our Umbrella
9. Lights are forever
10. Mega Church feat Optimum
11. Cryo
12. Backhand Winners
13. You won’t find it there
14. Zen Sizzle

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