Check out upcoming single 'Come On Ghost'
'Everything Ever Written'

Emerging from their slumber, Idlewild delighted fans by announcing plans for a new album.

Reconvening last year, the group recently released new single ‘Collect Yourself’. Chatting to Clash about their fresh material, it was clear from the off that Idlewild had approached this with a rare, quite singular vision.

Due for release on February 9th, new single ‘Come On Ghost’ has a heavy, grinding edge which is matched flecks of acoustic/folk stylings. An odd beast, it’s lyrically engaging and finds Idlewild matching their early ferocity against their latter grandeur.

Check it out now.

Idlewild’s new album ‘Everything Ever Written’ is forthcoming. Check out the artwork above and the tracklisting below:

1. Collect Yourself
2. Come On Ghost
3. So Many Things To Decide
4. Nothing I Can Do About It
5. Every Little Means Trust
6. (Use It) If You Can Use It
7. Like A Clown
8. On Another Planet
9. All Things Different
10. Radium Girl
11. Left Like Roses
12. Utopia

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