Joe Talbot's mother recently passed away...

There are statements of commitment, and then there's this...

IDLES singer Joe Talbot recently lost his mother after a battle with illness, and he is preparing for an extraordinary tribute.

In his own words: "My old dear didn't have the luxury of finding something that could save her; I've had her ashes pressed into 100 vinyl to symbolise just how important she was to this album, to this band and of course to me and my drive to exist in the most loving and honest me."

"We strive to make music that invigorates people to express themselves freely without prejudice or mockery. Now you can see that we've put everything into our art so that maybe you can too. Don't go gentle."

Incredible. 100 copies will be pressed up, with the release scheduled for October 30th.

Check out IDLES full statement below.

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