Their ambitious new video was shot in the Icelandic Highlands...

WARMLAND is a project that unites two people, and one studio.

A pair of close friends who utilised the same space, they eventually decided to combine their creativity.

Fusing technical knowledge to some sublime songwriting moments, the duo's psych-pop fell into place almost instantly.

Refreshing while still retaining a vintage feel, debut album 'Unison Love' will be released this Friday (June 21st).

Put simply: it's a joy, with WARMLAND showcasing their easy-going chemistry and their fastidious, often inspired songwriting.

Alongside the music the duo have been busy crafting a visual identity, placing full videos alongside each song.

'Further' is a track that reaches out into the unknown, and it comes complete with a video tainted with a sci-fi feel.

Actually shot in the dramatic Icelandic Highland region, the results are breathtaking.

Over to WARMLAND's Hrafn to explain more about this daredevil shoot: "We braved high winds, dust storms and frigid cold while shooting and shed one tear (each) but smiled through the process due to the beauty of the landscape."

"‘Further’ is about distance and distance between people especially so we wanted to illustrate this with the vastness of the surroundings. Vistas of endless sands and gravel, where we are gliding in and out of view, drifting further."

Tune in now.

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