Iceboy Violet Shares New Project ‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’

Songs that play with "desire and fantasy"...

Iceboy Violet has shared their new project ‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’.

The inimitable auteur is working in their own lane, merging genres and exploding definitions. Each new project is endlessly finessed, constructing entire sonic worlds in the process.

Out now, ‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’ is a case in point. Songs that play with “desire and fantasy”, Iceboy Violet curates an experience that moves from the fringes of electronic ambience through to jagged, visceral tones.

Guests include the pared back minimalism of rapper Florence Sinclair, Clash favourite Rainy Miller, and Orlandor.

Online now in full, Iceboy Violet introduces their project…

“‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’ is a project about the role desire and fantasy plays in our lives. What is considered fake is constantly constructing the world we want to live in and the people we want to be, as we brush up against fantasy, as we feel the everlasting tug of desire, our reality is pressed into shape almost entirely by daydreaming, hallucination, yearning and cum. This is something to be celebrated, harnessed as a force for good internally and externally. Fantasy as map and desire as engine. I love to want; I want to love.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Oliver KGH

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