Fugazi leader talks to ClashMusic

One of the most important figures in American punk Ian MacKaye has spoken exclusively to ClashMusic.

As the lead singer with Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye became one of hardcore's most important figures. Reducing punk to its component parts, the group helped to define the 'Straight Edge' lifestyle.

Going on to form Fugazi, Ian MacKaye is perhaps best known as the head of Dischord records. A label devoted to new and underground music, the Washington DC based imprint has helped launch the careers of countless acts.

Yet despite this Ian MacKaye rarely speaks to music magazines. Agreeing to talk to ClashMusic, the singer turned label boss revealed his thoughts on the music press.

"Music magazines - especially in the Nineties - were lifestyle magazines" he explained. "Essentially because I woke up in America this morning, I am an American and my work is largely in response to the world that I’m in."

"With Fugazi we wanted to connect people with the music and once you engage or become part of a lifestyle magazine then you become part of their song and they have the dominant rhythm."

Continuing, the singer was probed about his beatified position in the pantheon of American punk. "When people over the years have said to me, ‘You’re a hero’ or ‘You’re a god’, I understand why language like that is employed. But I also understand that I am just a person and I maintain that right to be a person."

"When people say you’re a god I think that is a bit ridiculous and it’s just a word. But music is a deeply powerful form of communication and actually one that I think pre-dates language. Music has a pretty big effect on people and on me especially. In my life, music kicked my ass and I intended to return the favour: this has been my mantra all along. So when people thank me for my work and tell me I’m their hero, I accept their thanks on behalf of music."

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