iamamiwhoami Announces New Album ‘Be Here Soon’

Ending an eight-year hiatus...

iamamiwhoami will release new album 'Be Here Soon' on June 3rd.

The striking, stylish, innovative cross-media project is led by Jonna Lee, releasing a string of acclaimed albums.

Going on hiatus some eight years ago, the project seemed to stir into life a few months back, with fans left to wonder what was coming next.

New album 'Be Here Soon' is out on June 3rd, a 10 track visual narrative led by new single 'Don't Wait For Me'.

“We felt ready to get back into our immense creative process that comes with our work and wanted to make something that would be true to where we are in our lives and careers now,” Jonna Lee says of their return. “Claes had just become a dad, and I'm carrying a child now. That brought us to a pretty raw state.“

She adds: "'Be Here Soon' is a story about meeting memories with new eyes while creating the present. It’s about the complexity of becoming a mother as a working artist. About the psychological, emotional and physical changes this means, and the choice to be open with these changes through my work process of making this audiovisual in relation to myself, my collaborators and our audience. It’s also about living with OCD and reevaluating my work/process and the level of sanity of it all while struggling with motivation in the current music industry climate."

New song 'Don't Wait For Me' is online now.

Photo Credit: John Strandh

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