It's a wild, fuzzed out trip... and we urge you to take it!
Human Tooth

Scott Harrison felt like he had to get away.

Removing himself from the drudgery of North East life, he travelled to Barcelona where he felt finally - eventually - able to relax.

Human Tooth extends from this moment. Eventually having to return to his native Newcastle, he took a spark of that freedom back with him.

Gradually the group came together, and will release their fizzing debut single 'Ungo Drag' on Weekend Denim later this week.

New cut 'TRAMM' airs first on Clash, and it's a wild, fuzzed out grinder, with Human Tooth matching post-punk elements to a slab of rock brutalism.

Crunching guitar pellets set against a barbed Tyneside wit, 'TRAMM' is an imposing start from a group who are only two songs (and one gig!) old...

Tune in now.

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