Hudson Mohawke / Rihanna Team Up

Producer claims it could happen

Hugely hyped Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke has claimed he could be set to work with Rihanna, in an exclusive interview with Clash Magazine.

Glasgow has always been a hot bed for new music. From the skiffle days through to the birth of Postcard Records the city has specialised in a maverick streak that has seen stars born and expectations turned on their head.

Currently, the city is resounding to the sound of ‘aquacrunk’ – the name given to the bass heavy hip hop produced by the likes of Hudson Mohawke. Only in his early 20s, the young producer has become one of the most hotly tipped desk masters on the planet.

Part of the LuckyMe collective, Hudson Mohawke’s productions blend left field hip hop born by labels such as Stones Throw to skittering electronica. Capable of shifting from slick R&B to dubstep wobble in the blink of an eye, the producer recently revealed that he could be set to work with American singer Rihanna.

“My immediate plan is to do some production for other major artists, and there have been some initial talks with Rihanna’s people,” he reveals.

“I’m going to be doing some Crookers stuff as well as speaking to Erykah Badu. Basically I want to move in that scene and become more of a producer, working on an actual artist. Not that I’m comparing myself to him but sort of Quincy Jones style, that’s what I’d like to go for, kind of like an executive producer.”

Speaking exclusively to Clash Magazine, Hudson Mohawke revealed the pressure he felt under to deliver the goods on his debut album ‘Butter’. “Overall I felt, ‘If I can’t nail this first one, than I have no career’, basically.”

“After I signed a deal with Warp it was almost a year before I even started to work on an album, I was just so freaked out about it. Just the thought of having to stand alongside these other guys on the label.”

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