'Vista' gets torn apart...

Hudson Mohawke has stepped in to remix Jackson And His Computerband.

Capable of producing intricate, complex productions, Jackson And His Computerband rarely goes in for straight forward dancefloor moment. So that probably means that the dancefloor will have to come to him...

A highlight from recent album 'Glow' (Clash review HERE), new cut 'Vista' recently found its way onto Hudson Mohawke's hard drive. Ripping the production apart, the Glaswegian artist stamped his own personality onto the track.

Given a full premiere by LuckyMe cohort Eclair Fifi on Radio 1, the results are pretty spectacular. Blissfully futuristic, this re-invisioning of 'Vista' contains the powerful, Maximalist approach which HudMo has made his own.

Listen to it below.

Jackson And His Computerband is set to release 'Vista' EP on November 11th. Tracklisting:

A1. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
A2. Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
B1. Vista
B2. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up) (Jackson Auto Remix)

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