Blues rockers are back...
Howling Bells

Despite it being their adopted hometown, Howling Bells have never recorded in London.

The band's debut was demoed in Australia, while follow ups 'Radio Wars' (2009) and 'The Loudest Engine' (2011) saw the group ship out to Los Angeles and Las Vegas respectively.

Well, that's about to change. For new album 'Heartstrings' the band decided to stick with the Big Smoke, laying down material at a London studio with Catherine J Marks and Alan Moulder.

An intense process, Howling Bells stuck to a firm schedule. "Having a deadline means you're forced to make crucial artistic decisions in a very short time. You don't have the luxury of overthinking. I feel this process shaped the album. As a result, you become incredibly connected to the musical spirit of the band" says frontwoman Juanita Stein. "We loved every second of it."

'Heartstrings' is set to be released on June 2nd, with new single 'Slowburn' online now. Leather jacket clad, blues-driven rock music, check it out below.

'Heartstrings' is set to be released on June 2nd.

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