House Of Love Prepare New Album

'She Paints Words In Red' due on April 1st

Indie legends House Of Love are set to release their new album 'She Paints Words In Red' on April 1st.

The current indie pop boom has shone a light on the scene's origins, helping to gain a new audience for the likes of The Pastels and Talulah Gosh. Sadly, though, House of Love seem to have slipped through the net. It's a puzzling omission. Snapped up by Creation, House of Love matched poetic flair with a real sense of musicianship.

Emerging in the wake of The Smiths demise, the band were – briefly – the hottest property in British indie and earned themselves a major label deal in the process. Later shattering into pieces, the band recently reformed and decided to release new album 'Days Run Away' in 2005. Frontman Guy Chadwick takes up the story:

“We recorded the songs in for 'She Paints Words In Red' in ten days in November 2012. It was great to be recording again, and everything went to plan and gelled from the onset. Terry and I have got back to our original working relationship, with a few healthy quarrels thrown in still! We had just played a festival in Krakow, where we had a brilliant gig, so everyone was vibed up and ready to go. 
Pat Collier, who worked with us on most of our early recordings, was at the controls".

“Most of the songs were written in the last year or so, and suddenly it felt like there was a set of songs that sounded like an album. The exception being 'PKR' (Purple Killer Rose), an old House Of Love song, in my opinion one of the best songs I’ve ever written, which we reworked because I felt we didn't do it justice last time, and Terry particularly loves it.”

“The album has some epic tracks, 'PKR', 'Holy River', 'Eye Dream', 'A Baby Got Back On Its Feet', which take the group back to our roots. Everyone involved feels we've got our mojo back! The group have also revisited our subtler, ballady side with ethereal songs such as 'Lost In The Blues' and 'Trouble In Mind'".

House of Love are set to release 'She Paints Words In Red' on April 1st.

1. A Baby Got Back On Its Feet
2. Hemingway
3. She Paints Words In Red
4. PKR
5. Lost In The Blues
6. Low Black Clouds
7. Money Man
8. Trouble In Mind
9. Never Again
10. Sunshine Out Of The Rain
11. Holy River
12. Eye Dream

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