House Of Black Lanterns Returns!

New album incoming - check out a preview...

Dylan Richards is now based in Berlin, a suitably exploratory city for a producer in a near-continual state of evolution.

The electronic artist has released material on Ninja Tune, Warp Records, Houndstooth and Hypercolour in a varied, vagabond career, which currently focusses on his House Of Black Lanterns moniker.

Upcoming album 'You Were Telling Me Of Mountains' could well be his most ambitious statement to date. Consisting of two distinct parts each containing eleven movements, it will be self-released through the artist's own BandCamp page.

"The idea of selling my music directly to fans is one that on the whole didn't previously interest me. Despite many claims to the contrary over the past few years labels, when run properly, still serve a role in shaping and promoting music," Richards explains. "Unfortunately though it's becoming harder and harder to try and do something different, when credible underground labels are having to compete for the same space as chart topping pop artists then we're all engaged in a race to the bottom, a race that we'll never win."

"Album projects born from a creative spark can soon be rendered to ash by lack of care and all too quickly can be extinguished altogether by the misunderstanding hand of what amounts to the modern label experience. 'Mountains' isn't an easy sell but then it's not meant to be and releasing it this way means it gets to see the light of day how I envisaged it, I can make my own mistakes, be happy in my own success, and fight to keep complete control of the process."

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Triumphantism' and it's a crunching, definitive return. Opening with dark, metallic chords – all crystalline synths and moody atmosphere – the track then clicks into the gear, the pirouetting snare drums and rumbling bass adding renewed momentum.

An intriguing, bewitching offering, you can tune in below or download it via House Of Black Lanterns' BandCamp page.

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