horsegiirL’s ‘Pegasus’ Is Truly Remarkable

Tune in now...

Berlin based horsegiirL returns with new single ‘Pegaus’.

The mysterious figure is a pivotal force in Berlin club-life, a DJ and producer who remains perpetually masked. Her equine identity may remain secret, but a string of viral singles – ‘My Barn My Rules’‘Star Signs’‘My Little White Pony’ – blend future-pop tendencies with club tropes.

Debut EP ‘Farm Fantasies’ acted as a mini-manifesto on its release at the start of the year, before horsegiirL then locked the door of her studio to find fresh inspiration.

New EP ‘Pegasus’ lands on January 20th via Live From Earth Klub, and it’s led by the remarkable title track.

Grappling with future-pop tendencies, horsegiirL radically alters club tropes in the process, resulting in something vivid and original. Worth aligning to PC Music trailblazers, her approach feels playful yet also sonically adventures.

She comments…

“I was just minding my business, eating some grass and then I heard this funny whoosh sound from high above. When I looked up I couldn’t believe my eyes – at first I thought I must be dreaming. But I was not dreaming, it was really a real pegasus. I started to chase him for a bit and I waved with my tail and then he finally came down from the clouds and we became friends that very afternoon!!! His name is Cornelius and because I love him so much I wrote a song about how we first met.”

Tune in now.

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