Honey Motel’s ‘When We Die, We Die’ Has Kaleidoscopic Colouring

Liverpool four-piece return...

Honey Motel have shared new single ‘When We Die, We Die’.

Out now, the single continues their rise, with the Liverpool four-piece matching multi-coloured harmonies to some punchy indie-focussed songwriting. The band cite Mac DeMarco as a key influence, while you can also hear shades of everyone from Sundara Karma through to Oscar Lang.

Bright, buoyant, pop-centric songwriting, Honey Motel’s new single blends light with shade. ‘When We Die, We Die’ is about seizing life by the lapels, refusing to be cowed by fears and expectations.

A song about living life well, new song ‘When We Die, We Die’ continues their rise – assured and with palpable meaning, it carries some hidden complexities, just waiting to be unlocked.

Honey Motel comment…

Life is never what it seems when you are a youngster. It always turns out in a much more nuanced way. What you perceive as a nipper is too simple, obvious, and predictable. Life is much more complex, and that complexity is beautiful. Even with all our knowledge of the universe and science, nobody knows what awaits across the other side, I am pretty sure it’s nothing. But I am also pretty unsure of that surety. Either way, I can’t live my life with fear, anxiety, and apprehension of tomorrow.

The finite nature of life is the exact quality which makes it beautiful. When it’s done, it’s done. So, spend your money, be who you’re meant to be. When it’s over, it’s over.

Tune in now.

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