Honey Motel Share New Single ‘Are You Coming With Me?’

Indie pop infused with psychedelic colour...

Liverpool four-some Honey Motel conjure much-needed sunshine on new single ‘Are You Coming With Me?’ – tune in now.

The band are firm favourites locally, blending assured indie pop with psychedelic diversions. Reminiscent of Sundarma Karma in their directness, Honey Motel also put you in mind of some of those early Mac DeMarco records.

Allowing their pristine pop vision to take on rough-hewn DIY aspects, the torn ‘n’ tattered hand-made quality of their music adds to the appeal. Refining ideas on the road Honey Motel have criss-crossed the country, teasing out new material in the process.

Out now, ‘Are You Coming With Me?’ is a kind of coming-of-age tale, with Honey Motel discussing the pressures of their mid-20s. A delicious indie pop nugget, the uplifting chorus has Clash looking to summer skies.

Honey Motel comment…

“The pressure to do something great with your life can seem almost unbearable at 25. But who’s to say what being somebody is? Who decides the righteous way to live life? Who decides what success is? What is happiness? Nobody does, because these things are undefinable in any true sense. There is beauty in being a nobody. There is beauty in not subscribing to social norms of what success and happiness are meant to look like, it seems freeing, and liberating. Being a nobody seems like bliss. At least to me, anyway.”

Tune in now.

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