Home Sweet Home

"Banksy's Bristol" Launch Due

A new biography of the UK’s most famous evasive street artist, Banksy’s Bristol: Home Sweet Home is set for launch on 3 April.

The first unofficial bio features many of Banksy’s earliest works on the streets of Bristol. The collection of over 100 photographs includes stencil work, and freehand wall paintings, including many never before seen works.

As Banksy remains one of the most elusive and highly revered contemporary artists, the insight provided by this biography has been highly anticipated. Known for his scathing mash ups of political issues and cultural minutiae in perhaps some of the most accessible forms of art, the graffiti artist has also incurred his share of wrath from unappreciative authorities.

Despite any flack, Banksy consistently garners praise and profits for his work. He’s raked in obsene amount of money for several of his works, including Space Girl & Bird, which drew 288,000 at auction in April 2007.

His consistent stunts, including installing his own version of the Mona Lisa sporting a yellow smiley face in the Louvre and producing fake British 10 notes which featured the face of Princess Diana instead of the Queen, have only further solidified his place in popular culture.

While he is reclusive, he ocasionally throws a bit of fodder out to the general populace, such as this reaction following his attempts at displaying his work in world class museums: “To actually [have to] go through the process of having a painting selected must be quite boring, It’s a lot more fun to go and put your own one up.”

Author Steve Wright tracked down artists who worked with Banksy when he was still cutting his teeth. Street artist Inkie, one such collaborator, will be doing a live painting at the event alongside fellow Bristol street artists Cheba and Lokey.

The launch will be held at Cargo in London from 5.30 to 8pm.

By Sara Nowak

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