Founder member lashes out

Reformed grunge group Hole have been heavily criticised in a new interview with founding member Eric Erlandson.

Courtney Love doesn't have her troubles to seek right now. The one time grunge princess is down on her luck, fighting a series of financial and legal battles.

Left the Nirvana back catalogue in husband Kurt Cobain's will, it recently emerged that Courtney Love has had huge amounts of money embezzled away from her. In addition to this, the singer has vastly overspent leading to serious money problems.

In a recent move American Express blocked Courtney Love's credit card after the singer blew over $300,000. Taking legal action against the alt rock icon, Courtney Love is also due in court to face charges of libel against a former designer.

The singer was due to release a solo album earlier this year, but after leading fans to expect a January 1st release date no new material was forthcoming. Now it seems that Courtney Love intends to reform her group Hole, who split almost a decade ago.

However one founding member has criticised the move. Eric Erlandson helped found the band in the early 90s, and went on to play a prominent role until their split in 2002.

In an interview with Spin Magazine the musician stated "there is no Hole without me. If (Courtney) has a solo album together, I think that's great. I think she should finish it and put it out and do that. But as for the real Hole? I'm open to discussions."

The comments come after former bass player Melissa Auf Der Maur claimed that "you can't take a Hole reunion that lightly."

Courtney Love has reacted to the comments by posting a Twitter statement claiming that she owns the Hole name, and can therefor do what she wants with it.

"Uh I just hear that a former guitar player is saying I can't use my name for MY band, he's out of his MIND," she wrote.

"He may want to check the trademark and his amex 'Disease Model Tour' Bills, and umm, let's see his 99 usage of that amex and his 01 usage of wow 298K?198,000 DOLLARS? Hole is MY Band, MY name and MY Tradmark."

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