'Ruff Sound' has got tongues wagging...

The invention of a genre in dance music is something that is closely tied to tempo, to the amount of beats you use per minute.

Recently, you can see this in Wen causing a 'Commotion' by fixating on 130BPM, or in Mumdance and Logos ripping out tempos entirely for their weightless sound.

Well, Novelist has ramped up the energy a little. The MC (and producer, don't forget) hosted a Rinse FM show last night (May 12th) and specialised in tracks around the 152 – 160BPM mark.

Essentially an adjunct to his grime work, the movement away from 140BPM causing a number of intriguing ruptures to appear in his music.

Labelled 'Ruff Sound' by the prodigal Lewisham MC, you can tune in below:

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